We connect trending social content to investable companies

We believe that the social web provides investors with the means to keep up with the evolving landscape of culture and news more efficiently than any conventional form of financial media or research.

Each day

Social Converations

4 billion social conversations

Search Queries

4 billion search queries

Photos Shared

2 billion photos shared

Videos Viewed

1 billion videos viewed

Blog Posts

4 million blog posts

Non-Financial News Feeds

20k+ streams non-financial news feeds

As mass adoption of the social web progresses the speed, reach, and mechanics of modern communication; the arc of data dissemination flattens, dislocating conventional forms of information discovery and news flow.

The multiplicity of chatter that propagates through large user communities presents an atypical opportunity to discover meaningful information and monitor change in a way that was never possible before. But how does one identify actionable investment insights hidden within terabytes of non-financial news flow and unstructured social data?

Our pursuit of that answer inspired us to construct an evolving taxonomy of company relevant tags that serve to parse the world's data for market relevancy without human bias. Built to evolve news monitoring from view-limited tickers to social-monitored tags.

TickerTags maintains a curated taxonomy of over 300,000 tagged products, brands, competitors, topics, affiliated people, places, regulatory threats, etc. — all of which have a meaningful connection to one or more publicly investable assets. Our corpus of tags serve to bridge and filter immense volumes of unstructured data for relevancy and market insight, facilitating real time event detection, information discovery and the ability to deep mine social data. Frequency and sentiment of individual tag mentions are historically indexed and monitored in real time across a wide spectrum of online content streams including Twitter, blogs, message boards, user review websites, and online video comments.

Each TickerTags chart tells a story, often one that is visually undetectable using conventional research. By monitoring the multitude of business drivers that move and influence companies and markets, our tags help investors to arbitrage off-radar information.


"Financial markets are grossly inefficient in their ability to identify insights bubbling up from unstructured social networks. Financial research and news monitoring must evolve from view-limited tickers to social-monitored tags."

— Chris Camillo

TickerTags™ co-founder, and Social Arbitrage Investor. See the 7 year audit.