TickerTags by M Science

Mapping the digital ecosystem and recognizing insights in everyday conversation.

The M Science product suite has expanded with the acquisition of TickerTags; click here for more information.

Investors, both discretionary and systematic, have traditionally relied on standardized financial data and news to drive investment decisions. As mass adoption of the social web advances the speed, reach, and mechanics of modern communication, the arc of information dissemination flattens, dislocating conventional forms of data discovery and investment research.

With over 1 million tags mapped to 3,000 public and private companies, TickerTags maps and monitors the multitude of tangible and intangible business drivers that move and influence companies and markets. Structuring alternative data for the investment industry is often a laborious, resource-intensive and time-consuming exercise. As a leading word mention frequency investment tool, TickerTags converts conversation activity into valuable investment insight that is useful for investment analysis.

Knowledge of significant changes in mention frequency can be a leading indicator of financial results. When that knowledge is combined with M Science's unique data driven research, the resulting platform facilitates investment idea formation and measures immense volumes of unstructured data for market relevancy.

TickerTags' product suite will include written research mapping words and products of significance to investable assets, as well as a data solution featuring minute-by-minute statistical analysis and actionable insights. Unlike conventional research, TickerTags' analytical intelligence identifies and corroborates consumer information that can foreshadow corporate trends and events by quantifying engagement for a given topic. In this way, TickerTags serves to bridge, filter, and measure immense volumes of otherwise noisy and unusable unstructured mass media data for market relevancy.

TickerTags data will be an additional input in M Science's core research offering, M Analysis, which utilizes a unique mosaic of data sources and employs proprietary methodologies to produce data driven intelligence on companies across sectors in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Each Day

4 billion social conversations
4 billion search queries
5 billion photos shared
15 billion videos viewed
6 million blog posts
20k+ non-financial news

Our technology monitors sources such as Twitter, online news, product reviews, blog and message board posts, and social video comments covering a robust representative sample of the world's online and social content.

Additionally, for Tweets, we analyze and aggregate the sentiment being expressed by the author of each Tweet, constructing minute-by-minute sentiment statistics.


We're looking for the best candidates to join our TickerTags team. We believe that hard work and fun aren't exclusive, and that passion and dedication should be rewarded. At TickerTags, we gather together the most curious and creative minds to create the most innovative products.

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