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TickerTags monitors the social web in real-time, analyzing and flagging words and phrases (Tags) that represent volume movements outside of baseline norms. Tag mentions, which are correlated to public stock tickers, are historically indexed for benchmarking and comparison. When movements indicate trending, you receive alerts on the related stocks.

1. Tag

Term along with the trending indicator if currently trending

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2. Associated Tickers

Related stocks, helping identify possible investment opportunities

3. Associated Terms

Indentifies most popular terms associated with the tag

4. Twitter Mention

Examples of current trending Twitter mention

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5. News Mentions

Examples of current trending News mention

6. Trending Percentage

Measures the % change in mentions on Twitter and in the News

7. Custom Tags

Create your own Tags to associate with Tickers for personalized trending notifications

sydney @sydney_reyesJan 11

I feel like Kate Spade is about to become the new Michael Kors.

Fit Chic @fitchicDec 25

I've seen more Kate Spade present posts than Michael Kors. LOL I hate that basics are ruining Kate Spade :(

Mrs. @hisshortbrideJan 14

I never jumped on the Michael Kors bandwagon, but I love me some Kate Spade

kate spade +love
michael kors +love

Kate vs Kors

Michael Kors dethroned Coach in recent years as the "it" handbag, but how will it fair against new contender Kate Spade in the battle of affordable luxury brands? Derive early insight by tracking and comparing social chatter volume and product sentiment.

Associated Tickers

rachel wesley @danielleweekJan 20

I want a pair of Sorel boots so bad, but they are sold out everywhere.

tracey @ebs_sweetDec 18

All I wanted was a pair of sorels but no, they had to be sold out everywere but Montreal.

marissa @stephonfireJan 20

Sorel snowboots are sold out everywhere


Celebrities cause Sorel craze

Sorel boots became a hot topic across social networks the moment celebrities were spotted wearing theme. In a matter of weeks, the product sold out globally causing their manufacturer Columbia Sportswear to exceed sales expectations and substantially raise forward earnings guidance.

Associated Tickers

alexis @melly4Jun 24

In a week i have spent $28 dollars on Kim Kardashian Hollywood and I'm not ashamed

julie keane @laaamJun 24

All I've done today is play Kim Kardashian Hollywood - $13 out the door!

ana george @NBeckleJun 24

This Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game is annoyingly addictive #kkhollywood

kim kardashian hollywood

Kardashians break app store

The addictive monetization model of the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game was evident immediately after its release as Twitter lit up with confessions of spending. The App soon became a #1 top-download and a hit for its publisher GLU Mobile, whose stock went on to double in a matter of weeks.

Associated Tickers

rick stanley @joe_hansonNov 24

Every police officer with a body camera. Every. Single. One. #FergusonDecision

john nolan @johnfrederickNov 24

There should never be another police officier without a body camera.

chad ramsey @official_welsNov 24

Every police badge should come with a body camera.

body cameras

Cameras for all cops

As the public backlash from Ferguson, Missouri unfolded, a social call for police to wear body cameras turned into a national movement — significantly lifting the stocks of body camera manufacturers.

Associated Tickers

itunes connect
michael kors
downtown abbey
play store
selfie stick
body cameras
jimmy fallon
johnny manziel
american horror story
minimum wage
willis tower
pete rose
kentucky wildcats
justin timberlake
kim kardashian hollywood
game of thrones
nike airmax
itunes radio
audi rs3
apple pay
go to meeting
hillary clinton
hbo now
kendrick lamar
extraterrestrial life
go daddy
hybrid technology
tiger woods
beats by dre
katy perry +game
solar panels
tim tebow
opening day
lebron james
flu vaccine
elsa +dress
beats pill
justin bieber
star wars
britney spears
google hangouts
warren buffet
twin peaks
boston red sox
mitt romney
kindle fire
brian williams
global warming
saturday night live
kate spade
nike airmax
the walking dead
britney spears
amazon prime
jeb bush
march madness
tommy defranco

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